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El quinto mandamiento ( 2012 )

In Mexico City, the patrol district finds the eleventh victim of the serial-killer known as The Cross Killer. The cost-effective but alcoholic Detective Garcia is assigned by the Public Prosecutor to hunt down the serial-killer and the coroner release his profile, informative that he is a rapist, misogynist, brutal and necrophilic killer that carves a cross on the back of teenagers. The concerned avenue performer conqueror that is The Cross Killer releases to a victim that when he was twelve years old, in his homeland San Jose del Monte, his pious nurse jammed him masturbating and delivered him to the Priest Jose. The pedophile priest raped him, viewing the darkness with the successive abuses and conqueror has been listening to demons since then. When conqueror meets the teenager Gabriela, he falls in love with her and believes that she is an angel. But he has never respected The Fifth Commandment and Gabriela is firm by conqueror to go with him to the place where he lives to see a painting.

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