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Awakening to Love ( 2010 )

A fine-looking woman and good looking man are having sex, which in the end carries over to the next day. The man proposes to the woman and gives her a ring. She calls her best friend, who is with her boyfriend, to surrender the good news. Later, now dressed, she plants the house. The man prepares to clean the kitchen when he hears incredible faint. He runs faint to probe. Next arrangement opens in a sickbay where the a short time ago engaged woman is unconsciousness, and her fiancé is by her side lament. We learn she is in a coma. Her friend, and boyfriend, rush into the sickbay room and learn the news. Eight months pass and in that time, the unconscious woman has been left alone, even still her fiancé promised to never leave her ever. She wakes from the coma only to find that she is distribution the sickbay room with an extra man. But she is still depressed and overcast - so the man has to think of a way to cheer her up.

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